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    Disclaimer this is my first post and im bad at english and very bad at writing stories
    (dont judge me) and i dont remeber every thing.

    Hey there I'm Useless
    Its FINALY time to introduce my self!
    I am 13 years old
    I live in the Netherlands but my parrents are Indonesian.
    Right now I've been like 5-6 years hanging around in HC.

    My first good HC friend was @DIAMONDS_PvP.
    But i havent been that lonely for 5-6 years I also met
    @medievalwolf1 @mythicalwolff @blackops050
    @ThaUnrealIan @vosje2 @Drollings
    @Sandra184 @Mineshadow12345 [Kirito] @TheShadowPro
    @MrSky010 @Herochampion123 and soooo much more
    It was and still is a great time.

    Just a few days ago but i still see him at discord and stuff.

    I dont realy remeber my first day on HC so we skip that bit till i joint Factions with @DIAMONDS_PvP
    @Mineshadow12345 [Kirito] and much others.
    Well That was one of my favourite times of my HC life thx to them!
    I just wanna say thank you for that time!

    Now to the OLD kit pvp.
    That was the first time I met @medievalwolf1 and @Sandra184
    We fought all the noobs on the server till there wasnt any noobs on the server!
    We had a "Secret base" it was that castle for the old HC players.
    (btw this was almost at the same time with the factions time)

    Then the other minigames like Hunger Games, Survival Games, Skywars and Hide And Seek.
    Hunger Games was the game to survive its like UHC maar met natural regen en er waren kits.
    I played that also with @medievalwolf1 and @Sandra184 (yes you will hear more @medievalwolf1)
    Then Survival Games again the same ppls but yeh still fun that game is with the chest hunger games.
    Nope still not there Hide And Seek it was fun bla bla bla.
    (all above this massege of the minigames are deleted)
    Last but not least SKYWARS its still here but not that big but back then it was like ALWAYS full
    there were even 3 skywars lobbies!
    I met here @Mythicalwolff! we played with 2 somtimes Myth sometimes Medie and still lov to play with them.

    I never was into Skyblock.
    And Creative but Creative I play there the past week but we skip that for now.

    Prison played there to like rank L or somthing and quited it that was my story for Prison.

    Sooo here comes the difficult part.
    The 1.9 era I wasnt realy there, I was kinda quitting there but hey im still here!

    The 1.10 era wasnt there

    The 1.11 era i came back YAAAY
    First known person i saw was @Mineshadow12345 [Kirito]

    Then Prison came out again...
    It had like 3 moved to the next day.
    Then I met new peoples like @justjesse @Sgt_Deathreaper and @TheShadowPro
    I played it till i became rank S.

    Then the "OLD" kit pvp came out named VintagePVP.
    I saw SOOOOOOOO many known peoples
    Like @medievalwolf1, @Mythicalwolff but never seen @Sandra184 back.
    Then I "re"met @BlackOps050 and @Rikkotje.

    Then 1.8 too 1.12 came out I WAS SOOOOOOOO HAPPY
    because vintage became easier.
    I met @ThaUnrealIan and "re"met @vosje2 and @Drollings.

    Then I started to play Survival i used Creative to design my house.

    And then Im typing this post.

    Thank you all for being good peoples to me a realy love all of you guys.
    And leading me the good way to be a HC'er.

    Special thanks to:
    @MichelDeStar for making this AWSOME server.
    @DIAMONDS_PvP for being my first good friend.
    @medievalwolf1 and @Mythicalwolff for being awsome pvp buddies.
    @Mineshadow12345 [Kirito] for being a awsome pvp buddy and a awsome faction meber.
    All the staff mebers for banning all the hackers, helping me and giving me anwsers when i ask somthing.


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    Haiiiiii :)
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    Wat was je mc naam vroeger?
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    Maar dit is het Nederlands forum? :p
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